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About Us


Abund Berry’s story was born in 2016, in Țicleni, Gorj County.

Our passion for wine has been the determining factor in this beautiful journey. Despite the huge variety of wines on the market at that time, we had the feeling that something was still missing – a range of assortments with unique and unconventional flavors.

We have established from the beginning that our main goal is to bring more joy to people. To find the ideal formula, we thought about childhood and tried to remember which fruits give us the greatest joy, through their taste and smell. The answer came immediately: berries.
With a well-defined vision and armed with a lot of courage, we made the first steps towards fulfilling a dream; dream that today it is called Abund Berry.

In order to preserve our spirit and philosophy, we have established as fundamental values excellence, integrity, professionalism and transparency.
Our products are obtained naturally to keep intact the flavor of berries.
We want to be present on the local market to make up for the lack of Romanian berries assortments in the shopping centers, through our products.
In order to be always up to date with the preferences of our consumers, we constantly keep track of the evolution offered by our products.

In the future, we want to constantly offer new assortments, based on the same formula, so that the permanent reporting to these coordinates, to build all the quality of Abund Berry products.
In the following years, the Țicleni plantation will expand and host private events, blackberry wine tastings, jam or fresh fruits picked on the spot.


Our desire to capitalize the flavour of berries through a unique product, with refined taste, have gave birth to the handmade wine – BERRY WINE. We only use traditional techniques, and we let the quality of the berries carry on the story of the first wine made from blackberries at Abund Berry. Its sweet, strong and aromatic taste due to the blackberry bouquet, it is ideally enjoyed at a table with cheese, dark chocolate or any other dessert.



We are proud to keep the tradition in the family and especially to work together.

Marian Burtea

The one who takes care that the plantation grows beautifully.

Constantin Burtea

From him we inherited our love for our homelands and our passion for agriculture.

Ionel Burtea

The one who never gave up his dream of developing a business in agriculture and beyond.

Alina Burtea
PR & Marketing

You will meet her at events we are partners with or at the tasting fairs we attend.