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About Us

About Us

The story of Abund Berry was born in Țicleni town, Gorj county.

At 21, as a student at ASE, Ionel Burtea decided to launch a business with forest fruits after a careful research of the market. He identified two major problems in the market: the availability of Romanian fruits in supermarkets, as well as the lack of a range of flavored wines original and unconventional. In fact, the passion for wines was the basis for launching the business in 2017.

“As a student , I decided to launch a business in agriculture because I had this dream, of doing something for and with my family, for the place where I grew up, of being able to offer Romanians locally produced wild berries. I also wanted to create jobs and attract young people to remain in the country, and not settle abroad. My family and I have a passion for wines, and this was the driving force and idea behind the business. I found out that blackberry or blueberry wine have a special taste and flavor, and that they can complement the existing offer of grape wines on the Romanian market quite well. We started to produce blackberry wine in 2017, and we launched the Berry Wine/ALAI brand that can be found in our partners’ networks,” explains Ionel Burtea, the founder of the Abund Berry business.

With an initial budget of €20,000, he started to cultivate blackberries on 1 hectare of land and brought his family into the business – his grandfather, parents, and sister. Over time, the lot with blackberries grew, and the young farmer decided to cultivate raspberries and strawberries as well. Thus, today, Ionel Burtea and his family manage a total area of 20 hectares with blackberries, raspberries and strawberries in Țicleni, Gorj county.

The fruits in Țicleni are grown naturally, to keep the flavor of the berries intact, and they are sold under Abund Berry brand.

The Țicleni plantation hosts private events, tastings of wine, jam or fresh berries picked on site.

In order to always be aware of consumer preferences, the company constantly follows the evolution of the experience offered by its products.


Abund Berry in Numbers in 2022

€ in turnover
hectares cultivated with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries
€ Investments through European projects
square meters warehouse in Buftea
supermarket partneres in Romania wherein Abund Berry fresh fruits are distributed
Romanian farmers from whom fresh fruits are bought

blackberry wine

Our desire to capitalize on the aroma of forest fruits through a unique product, with a refined taste, gave birth to the handmade wine Berry Wine. We only use traditional techniques and let the quality of the berries carry on the story of the first wine created from blackberries at Abund Berry. Its sweet taste, strong and aromatic thanks to the bouquet of blackberries, is ideally enjoyed at a table with cheeses, dark chocolate or any other dessert.