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Why do we like strawberries?

We love them for their intense flavor, the savor that they give to any dessert, and for their health and beauty benefits. But there are lesser-known facts about strawberries.


Have you ever wondered what it is about căpșunele? Why are they more popular than other fruits, why have they become a romantic movie cliché, why is their flavor used in cosmetic products? They even have a museum dedicated to them, in Belgium.

Maybe because, in Antiquity, they were considered “medicinal fruits” – and rightfully so, as they have a high number of antioxidants, known as the “fruit of peace.”

Or maybe it’s pure science: when researching the molecular basis (that is, 350 molecules) of their flavor, scientists concluded that strawberries have an ideal formula and a perfect balance between taste and smell, satisfying consumers’ senses.

An interesting discovery: unlike raspberries, in the strawberries fruit, there is not one molecule with “strawberry smell” but many, and some of these tickle olfactory receptors only when we chew the fruit.

Not negligible at all, the appearance of strawberries is able to whet the appetite, due to its color, shape, and specific characteristics of perfect fruits for consumption: the intense red that contrasts the green of its leaf, the robust figure, or the glow of the pulp – a testament to the freshness of strawberries. These are also the reasons that fruit growers take into account when they choose to grow them.

However, by far the most important argument in favor of strawberries lies in their benefits for the health and beauty of the skin.

A medium strawberry can prove higher in vitamin C than an orange, for example, and their intense red color is caused by anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant. They also contain manganese and impressive quantities of folate (vitamin B9, or folic acid, is important for normal tissue growth and cell function – being recommended during pregnancy) and potassium. Although they are sweet, they have a glycemic index (GI) of 40, which makes them safe to consume by people with diabetes or those who are on a diet. It is also said that strawberries can help prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

There are, however, some concerning aspects about strawberries. Namely, they’re so good that you could eat more than a kilogram at once. But, according to experts, excessive consumption of strawberries can lead to complications among people with kidney problems, as kidneys can’t eliminate the large amount of potassium ingested. Moreover, in extreme cases, too many strawberries can cause respiratory complications (not only in cases of allergies to the fruit or pollen), palpitations, or vomiting. Strawberries contain goitrogens that can interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland among people with thyroid issues. Therefore, it’s important to monitor our reactions when we eat strawberries and to respect the recommended portions – that is, 8 medium-sized strawberries).

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