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Fruits' antioxidants sustain the hair health, study shows

We know too well the fact that fruits are indispensable for a healthy life, but they can also make the “capillary ornament” fully deserve its title.

“Oxidative stress” is one of the major causes of hair damage, and it manifests through the release of “free radicals” in the body, which cause hair degradation and hair loss.

Apart from pollution or stress, diet also plays an important role when it comes to hair health. Fried foods – especially those cooked by frying in a heated oil several times – excess sugar, and alcohol are to blame, releasing harmful free radicals that affect the immune system and, concomitantly, deprive the body of nutrients that hair needs to grow healthy.

And smoking, whether passive or active, damages the hair: tobacco contains the components that produce reactive oxygen species when we burn it. Moreover, smoke in the gaseous phase contains the largest number of free radicals that are produced, due to the presence of oxidative stress in the body

Once degraded, the hair has little chance of recovery, but reducing the sources of oxidative stress and a healthy lifestyle can positively influence its growth. That way, antioxidants are a solution with immense potential, both in the care process – more and more hair product contain antioxidants – and through internal intake, with fruits and vegetables as the most valuable sources.

Thus, proper hair care is only part of the process of saving hair beauty, wherein antioxidants play an important role: “similar to how antioxidants in our diet stimulate our immune system, using hair care products rich in antioxidants helps stimulate circulation in our hair follicles and feed our scalp nutrients, so the follicles do not weaken over time, promoting healthy hair growth,” claims Helen Reavey, trichologist and founder of Act + Acre.

It is no coincidence that the hair health expert mentioned the intake of antioxidants from food, which are essential to enjoy a balanced scalp and healthy hair. Vitamins A, C, and E, Beta-Carotene, phytochemicals, and selenium are the most important of these, found in the composition of most of the food supplements for hair. But even more handy are fruits, the richest in vitamins, minerals, and essential substances for health, including in terms of hair.

By far, the richest in antioxidants are berries, whose regular consumption can stimulate hair growth. Also, at the top of the list are pomegranates, as they also contain vitamin B5, potassium, and polyphenols, which care for the scalp and support hair growth.

And wine is among the “cures” for damaged hair, due to its high amount of resveratrol, an unrivaled weapon in the fight against free radicals that cause massive hair loss.


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