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How to eat fruits in a weight loss program

There are voices that claim that fruits are fattening, but if eaten correctly, they can do the exact opposite. Yes, you can lose weight by enjoying fruit, whether you eat it fresh or incorporate it into culinary preparations adapted to your diet to satisfy your sweet tooth.

To lose weight, there is no such thing as a “forbidden fruit.” It is sufficient to manage your diet intelligently. After all, the secret of a successful diet lies not only in what you (don’t) eat, but also in the way you combine and distribute food, and fruit really should be on your daily menu, as it has a key role in the weight loss diet.

The first argument in their favor is the fact that fruits contain not only valuable nutrients, but are also high in fiber and water, two essential components of a balanced diet. Additionally, they contain antioxidants, with recent studies suggesting that they may play an important role in the weight loss process by simply reducing oxidative stress, according to a study published in the Journal of the US National Center for Biotechnology.

Then, “the consumption of fruits rich in flavonoids can help control weight and limit weight gain,” claims Tara Tomaino, a nutritionist from New Jersey, noting that several classes of flavonoids have already been shown to reduce the intake of energy, “which can promote weight loss.”

Fruits can also improve the diversity of gut bacteria, which numerous studies have shown “plays an important role in weight management,” says Joanna Foley, a nutritionist in San Diego. Apples, she adds, “contain a type of prebiotic fiber that feeds healthy bacteria in the gut.” And, finally, the nutritional profile of the fruits recommends them for supporting energy and endurance when we engage in physical exercises to get rid of extra pounds. We can say, therefore, that fruits synergistically contribute to the weight loss process.

There are no strict rules regarding the consumption of fruit in weight loss diets, but it is important to consider some important aspects that can lead us to the desired results.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends five portions of fruit daily, except for diabetics, who are recommended two portions of fruit per day.

Naturally, it depends a lot on the fruits you choose, as some are higher in sugar than others. For example, grapes and bananas are at the top, and should be eaten in moderation.

It is also preferable to consume the fruits as such, not in the form of juices, to benefit from the fiber intake, as well as to be able to keep blood sugar under control. Dried fruits, even without added sugar, are more nutritionally dense, so they are not recommended for diets. Consume only one type of fruit as part of a snack, for optimal digestion, and to reduce the risk of exceeding the limits of a portion. Moreover, try to diversify your daily portions to obtain as generous a palette of nutrients as possible from fruits, nutritionists recommend.

There is even a ranking of fruits that promote weight loss, and at the top is pineapple (due to the enzyme that helps to optimally digest meat dishes), citrus fruits, and forest fruits – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, the absolute champions in the antioxidant category. Avocados are also on the list, an important source of healthy fats needed in a balanced diet.

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